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Contacting the ombudsman will be the initial step for either customers or member companies who have a complaint or concern about ethical behavior or practices of any NAESCO member company. The Ombudsman will conduct a preliminary investigation of the concern and/or complaint to identify the key factual elements behind the disputed action and validate the legitimacy of the underlying facts. Member companies should use the designated member contact as the point of contact to approach the ombudsman.

Contact Duncan Weinberg Genzer & Pembroke, P.C., NAESCO Ombudsman at:

A Note From The Ombudsman


I am honored to serve in the role of Ombudsman for NAESCO, following in the footsteps of Rob Lipstein (as sole member of LARC Consultants, LLC), who served as NAESCO's Ombudsman for the past 10 years. In addition to my new role as ombudsman, I serve on NAESCO’s Accreditation Committee.

As a practicing attorney with Duncan Weinberg Genzer & Pembroke, P.C. my practice involves Green and Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Projects, Smart Building Technologies, Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) issues, and large scale real estate development. In addition to my work with NAESCO, I serve as a Board Member for the City of Franklin, TN Sustainability Commission, and a Board Member and General Counsel for TenneSEIA (the Tennessee Chapter of the Solar Energy Industries Association).

As ombudsman, I will rely upon my legal and business background, experience working with ESCO’s, sustainability and renewable energy project developers and contractors, and real estate property development and construction to conduct investigations based on submitted complaints by both end customers/clients as well as peer companies in the industry. The role of NAESCO’s ombudsman is to review submitted complaints regarding specific acts in light of NAESCO’s ethical guidelines that are adopted and applicable to all NAESCO’s members. The role is not to mediate or arbitrate the matter or make ruling of law related to the complaint but rather to determine what if any ethical violation may have occurred and to advise NAESCO’s governing board and executive team of said violations. NAESCO’s goal is to ensure that no member companies act in any that would have a negative impact on the other members and the industry as a whole.

I look forward to being of service.

R. Keith Gordon, Esq., MBA, LEED AP, Shareholder
Duncan Weinberg Genzer & Pembroke, P.C.



Additional Membership Information

Who Joins NAESCO?

  • ESCOs
  • EaaS providers
  • Energy Efficiency Contractors
  • Demand Response providers
  • Utility distribution companies
  • Distributed generation companies
  • Efficient and renewable technology suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors
  • Engineering firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Law firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public Sector/Non-profit entities