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eProject Builder

The Tool Helping ESCOs Showcase The Value of Energy Retrofit Projects

A Modernized, Proven Method for Tracking the Success of Energy Retrofit Projects

Project tracking is critical for energy service companies (ESCOs) who need to track progress towards energy efficiency goals and demonstrate the value and achievements of their energy efficiency retrofit projects. But most data recording tools and tracking systems remain outdated, inefficient, and unorganized – making tracking and reporting on projects significantly challenging, if not impossible.

The solution is the eProject Builder system – two free resources made available by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and recommended for use by NAESCO.

eProject Builder (ePB)

eProject Builder (ePB), a secure and modernized tool that is designed to standardize energy retrofit project tracking and reporting, is designed to support ESCOs by allowing them to showcase the value and achievements of their energy efficiency retrofits, track progress toward energy efficiency goals and demonstrate to customers that they value project transparency, a new level of standard practice.

eProject Builder is the preferred tool for ESCOs as it collects additional information that better demonstrates the ongoing value of energy retrofits to state and local governments and is required for the NAESCO accreditation.

ePB Enables ESCOs To:

eProject eXpress (ePX):

ePX, is a new, streamlined path for tracking and reporting energy retrofit projects in eProject Builder. ePX gives state and local governments and ESCOs the ability to select the data they want to enter, save and report on, and it only takes 60 seconds to initiate a project.

ePX supports the same projects as ePB, including Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), Federal ESPC Energy Sales Agreements, Utility Energy Services Contracts, direct-funded projects and Power Purchase Agreements. The best part? It takes only 60 seconds to initiate a project.

ePX Key Features Include:

  • Highly flexible; no specific data field requirements
  • Streamlined M&V data entry
  • Non-electric utility data can be entered and reported in native units
  • Document checklist; document preservation through the contract term
  • State Rollup Report, which produces a statistical rollup report for any given state and provides a top-line summary of all projects in the state.