Each ESCO, Energy Service Provider, and Energy Efficiency Contractor member of NAESCO pledges to do the following:

  1. Maintain a qualified staff of energy engineers or have such engineers available full-time and use only such engineers in order to ensure qualified engineering evaluation, design, and implementation of all projects undertaken.
  2. Maintain a qualified staff of service personnel or use only qualified outside service personnel to ensure effective operation and maintenance of equipment installed by the ESCO, Energy Service Provider, or Energy Efficiency Contractor.
  3. Install and make operational all equipment promised under an energy services agreement within a reasonable time after the agreement has been signed and all contractual contingencies have been satisfied.
  4. Maintain high quality standards in both products and service.
  5. Make no misleading or exaggerated claims as to the level of energy costs savings which can be expected from the services provided by the ESCO, Energy Service Provider, or Energy Efficiency Contractor.
  6. Offer to provide regular service for equipment installed by the company and not abandon equipment placed with the user under an energy services agreement or fail to provide other services promised under the agreement.
  7. Utilize only those financing arrangements which comply with applicable laws and regulations and which accurately value equipment, energy savings, and other benefits.
  8. Represent truthfully and clearly the company's qualifications and capabilities to perform services and provide financing and do not misrepresent the qualifications and capabilities of other companies.
  9. Agree not to interfere in any manner with an Energy Savings Performance Contract or similar competitive procurement process after the winning provider has been selected and the time for any formal protest has expired.