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The National Association of Energy Service Companies has led the energy services industry in promoting, developing, and advocating for the central role of energy efficiency as part of a comprehensive national energy agenda. NAESCO and its member organizations maintain a firm belief in the economic and environmental benefits of the widespread use of energy efficiency and embrace ethical market behavior as a core value. 

Advocacy Voice

NAESCO represents every facet of the energy services industry and actively advocates for the cost effective delivery of comprehensive energy services to all end user market segments. The Association places a high priority on making the Association a home for the broadest spectrum of market participants which gives our advocacy voice additional resonance.

Through its robust advocacy program, NAESCO has been a key catalyst in creating, among federal and state lawmakers, regulators, and energy program managers, a continuing commitment to developing and implementing energy efficiency solutions.

Opening New Markets for Energy Services

On behalf of its membership, NAESCO works to help open new markets for energy services. NAESCO has focused during the last three decades on reaching out to end users by directly promoting the value of energy efficiency to customers in all market segments through its seminars, workshops, training programs, and conferences; publication of case studies, guidebooks, customer manuals, and original research; and the compilation and dissemination of aggregate industry data drawing upon the project database created and maintained by NAESCO and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. NAESCO also works collaboratively with allied trade groups, policy groups and customer representatives to accelerate market development and growth.

Accreditation - Promoting Industry Best Practices

NAESCO sponsors a rigorous accreditation program for ESCOs, Energy Service Providers and Energy Efficiency Contractors to recognize management capabilities, outstanding project experience, ethical business practices, and overall commitment to providing customers with comprehensive and successful energy solutions. NAESCO has ethical guidelines in place  and has created an industry ombudsman to provide a transparent protocol for the review of ethical issues that may arise.

The ESCO Story...

Energy Service Companies, ESCOs, contract with institutional energy users in the public and private sectors to provide cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits across a wide spectrum of client facilities, from college campuses to water treatment plants. Effectively utilizing a performance-based contract business model, ESCO's have implemented significant comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit projects over the last three decades.

A recent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report estimates that ESCO investment in energy efficiency retro-fit projects currently runs about $5 billion a year. Since 1990, ESCOs have delivered:

  • $50B in projects
  • $55B savings – guaranteed and verified
  • 450,000 person-years of direct employment
  • $33 billion of infrastructure improvements
  • 450 million tons of CO2 savings at no additional cost
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