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Member News: APPRIME LIGHTING Launches the Modular ReLite Chassis™, illuminating the path to sustainability

NEENAH, WI, June 27, 2024 —With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, APPRIME LIGHTING aims to revolutionize how we illuminate facilities. Their groundbreaking approach combines advanced performance with future-proof engineering, setting new standards for efficiency and longevity in the field.  At the heart of our product lineup lies, the Modular ReLite Chassis™ (MRC). A patented design that redefines sustainability in modern luminaires. This revolutionary technology allows for tool-less light engine upgrades and maintenance, significantly extending each product's lifecycle and dramatically reducing product waste. These technological advancements, combined with the industry’s first sustainable luminaire & light engine recycling program (R3 Earth+) positions APPRIME LIGHTING as a leader in the industry’s growing demand for sustainable luminaires.