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The Future of Green Schools: The Green Schools Conference 2024 

The Center for Green Schools and the Green School National Network are partner organizations to NAESCO. On behalf of the partnership, NAESCO is promoting their event.

The Green Schools Conference (GSC) stands as a beacon for education, sustainability, and innovation, providing a platform for a diverse community of stakeholders passionate about fostering green practices within educational institutions. With a focus on sharing knowledge, inspiring action, and building networks, GSC has become the premier annual event for those committed to shaping the future of green schools.

Taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Green Schools Conference is set for March 5-7, 2024. GSC is presented by the Center for Green Schools in partnership with the Green Schools National Network.

The Green Schools Conference attracts a diverse and dedicated audience, bringing together teachers, school and district staff, educational leaders, building industry professionals, non-profit partners, and other stakeholders invested in the future of green schools. The conference covers a wide array of topics, such as sustainable building design, energy efficiency, waste reduction, environmental literacy, and community engagement. Renowned speakers and experts from various fields will lead discussions, workshops, and presentations, offering valuable insights and practical tools for implementing green initiatives in schools. These sessions cater to both beginners and seasoned sustainability advocates, ensuring that all attendees leave with actionable ideas to implement in their respective educational environments.

The GSC eXchange Showcase features exhibitors, product demonstrations, and interactive displays that highlight cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions for schools. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, explore the latest green products, and discover practical tools to enhance sustainability efforts in their schools.

The Green Schools Conference is a platform for fostering a collective commitment to sustainability in education. By bringing together a diverse community of stakeholders, the conference aims to inspire, educate, and empower attendees to contribute to the creation of greener and more environmentally conscious learning environments.