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Wendel Performs LED Street Lighting Energy Performance Contract for the City of Oneida

Wendel assisted the City of Oneida with an energy performance contract to upgrade the City's 904 streetlights to LED technology and add a comprehensive asset management system. Our services began with a GIS field audit to document existing conditions and establish the basis of design. Our team completed photometric models and prepared engineering specifications to obtain competitive pricing for material and installation labor. Acting as the Energy Services Company (prime Contractor), Wendel implemented the project managing all luminaire replacements and the installation and commissioning of the asset management system to ensure the project met the City's expectations for lighting quality and performance. Wendel also quantified and guaranteed energy and operational savings and assisted the City through the utility buyback process.

Annual Guaranteed Utility Savings

  • $138,781
  • 420,605 kWh
  • Annual Environmental Savings from Electric Reduction
  • 209,428 lbs. of CO2 (carbon Dioxide)
  • 414 lbs. of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
  • 3 lbs. of N2O (Nitrous Oxide)