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Wendel Performs an Energy Performance Contract for the Washington County Sewer District

The Washington County Sewer District (WCSD) 2 selected Wendel Energy Performance Contract Services to implement energy and operational efficiency improvements. WCSD 2 operates a 10 MGD wastewater treatment plant with an average flow rate of 2.5 MGD that was constructed in 1986.

The County selected Wendel twice via a competitive solicitation for both a Phase 1 and Phase 2 project. Each project focused on different groups of opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce annual operation and maintenance costs. Similar to an on-call professional services contract, Wendel performed a multitude of services, including a comprehensive energy audit (CEA), a detailed energy evaluation of the existing facilities, along with a feasibility, cost, and energy comparison of potential upgrades and improvements.

Various improvements and upgrades were made to the plant during this project. Additionally, Phase 2 was further expanded to include an evaluation of the replacement of the existing compost operation with a biosolids dryer system.