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NAESCO-Accredited Companies Among Projects Teams Selected for Much-Anticipated Renew America’s School Grants

Washington, D.C., July 24th, 2023 -- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced the recipients of the first round of funding from the Renew America's School Grant Program, a $500 million investment aimed at energy improvements in K-12 public schools. These funds offer schools the opportunity to spearhead much-needed energy efficiency projects and building improvement projects, creating healthier, safer, and more supportive learning environments for students and educators.

The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) congratulates the 24 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) whose grant applications DOE selected and is thrilled that ten of these grants involve NAESCO-accredited Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and Energy Service Providers (ESPs).

The Renew America’s School Grants Program

The Renew America's School Grants Program is a historic investment into the second-largest sector of American infrastructure. The grant enables K-12 schools to pursue diverse projects encompassing efficiency improvements, emission reduction, and the integration of innovative technologies and programs to reduce utility bills.

These energy projects can improve student outcomes through enhanced environmental conditions and promote STEM education. Simultaneously, the local communities will see economic and environmental benefits.

Grantee Recipients of the First Round of Funding

In response to an overwhelming number of applications (236 in total) across 44 states, the DOE more than doubled the available funds for the first-round awardees from $80 million to $178 million. The 24 projects selected demonstrated technical and responsiveness to the goals set by the program. Project scopes vary, including upgrades to HVAC, lighting, building envelope, and building controls.

The following ten projects included NAESCO-accredited ESCOs and ESPs:

Alexandria City Public Schools in Alexandria, VA

  • Project: Replace building energy systems (including aged HVAC boilers) with modern and efficient equipment; install building automation controls; integrate improved lighting and filtration; install rooftop solar panels
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: CMTA

Bridgeport Public Schools (in partnership with University of Connecticut) in Bridgeport, CT

  • Project: Deep energy retrofits that includes a myriad of new energy technologies; implement apprenticeship program for energy-related engineering internships and learning modules on building energy technologies; serve as a demonstration site for 39 schools in the City of Bridgeport
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Siemens

Charlo School District in Charlo, MT

  • Project: Replace outdated fuel oil and propane heating system with modern systems to improve indoor air quality and reduce on-site emissions
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Ameresco

Clinton School District in Clinton, AR

  • Project: Upgrade energy systems across five buildings, including lighting, HVAC, building envelope, and solar energy technology
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Johnson Controls

Greenup County School District in Greenup, KY

  • Project: Integrate solar panels and solar water heating as well as geothermal heating and cooling; install building envelope upgrades to rooftop and windows; take advantage of lighting efficiency upgrade potentials; create a Green Energy Pathway for high school students
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Ameresco

Matchbox Learning Centers in Indianapolis, IN

  • Project: Repurpose abandoned manufacturing buildings into STEM school buildings for Career Technical Education school for teenagers
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Ameresco

Nottoway County Public Schools in Blackstone, VA

  • Project: Work through a portfolio of energy improvements that include LED lights, boiler replacement, upgraded water heater, and more
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Trane

St. Maries School District #41 in Saint Maries, ID

  • Project: Upgrade school HVAC systems for more reliable and energy efficient systems; integrate building envelope upgrades for maximum optimization
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: McKinstry

Warner Public Schools Oklahoma in Warner, OK

  • Project: Replace outdated HVAC systems; integrate building envelop improvements and lighting system upgrades; install upgraded backup power generator for community use
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Willdan Energy Solutions

White River School District 47-1 in White River, SD

  • Project: Replace fuel oil/propane HVAC units with high efficiency VRF electric systems; install centralized Energy Management System; improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ); building envelope weatherization
  • NAESCO-Accredited Partner: Willdan Energy Solutions

The use of NAESCO-accredited Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Energy Service Providers (ESPs), and Energy Efficiency Contractors (EECs) means customers can trust that the project will be completed by the most experienced and capable partners at high-quality standards. Accredited companies demonstrate technical and managerial competence in designing and implementing energy-saving measures, on-site energy generation, and overall facility performance improvements. Accredited ESCOs and ESPs also provide the unique capability to guarantee that energy savings are realized through an energy savings performance contract.

NAESCO would also like to acknowledge the other 14 grant awardees:

  • Austin Independent School District, Austin, TX
  • Baltimore County Public Schools, Windor Mill, MD
  • Cass Lake-Bena Public Schools (in partnership with Region Five Development Commission), Cass Lake, MN
  • Choctaw County School District, Weir, MS
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, Fairbanks, AK
  • Jefferson County School District, Birmingham, AL
  • Kane County School District, Kanab, UT
  • Memphis-Shelby County Schools, Memphis, TN
  • Natick Public Schools, Natick, MA
  • North Wasco County School District 21, Mosier, OR
  • Porterville Unified School District, Porterville, CA
  • William Penn School District, Yeadon, PA
  • Williamsfield Schools (CUSD #210) and 19 LEAs, Williamsfield, IL
  • Winnett Public School District #1, Winnett, MT

Congratulations to the ESCOs and ESPs selected to be part of these project teams, as well as the forward-looking communities whose school districts applied and awarded funding for future energy benefits. The industry eagerly awaits the announcement of the second round of funding, which DOE expects in Spring 2024.



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