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May and June 2023 Member News

(The following summaries may have been condensed.)


Aeroseal Chosen as a High-Performance Building Technology by GSA’s Green Proving Ground Program

Aeroseal, a provider of innovative air sealing solutions for HVAC ductwork and building envelopes, is proud to announce its selection as a participant in the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Green Proving Ground (GPG) program.

GSA’s GPG program serves as a platform for evaluating innovative technologies that have the potential to enhance energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact and improve operational performance in federal buildings. By being selected to participate in the program, Aeroseal will have the opportunity to demonstrate its patented duct-sealing technology.

Aeroseal’s automated air-sealing technology for HVAC ducts seals ductwork from the inside out. The solution eliminates manual labor and demolition while offering a highly efficient and effective way to meet energy performance goals, reduce utility costs and lower carbon emissions. This breakthrough technology has the potential to deliver substantial energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions across many building types.

Aeroseal's inclusion in the GPG program is further evidence of the company’s commitment to advancing energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment.

As part of the GPG program, Aeroseal's technology will undergo rigorous evaluation in real-world federal buildings. This assessment is expected to provide valuable insights into the technology's performance, scalability and potential impact on energy consumption and sustainability goals.


Eco Engineering Unveils New Website and Commemorates Thirty Years of Service

Eco Engineering, a leading commercial, nationwide engineering, procurement, and construction firm, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, coinciding with the celebration of its 30th anniversary in the industry. As part of the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability, the website will showcase their expanded service offerings, including sustainable energy systems and resiliency solutions, in addition to their renowned expertise in commercial lighting retrofits.

Over the past three decades, Eco Engineering has established itself as a trusted partner to their customers in the commercial and industrial industries as well as with their ESCO (Energy Service Companies) partners, all who are seeking comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services for energy projects. From project conception to completion, the company has consistently delivered exceptional results, earning a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and attention to detail.

The launch of the new website represents a significant milestone in Eco Engineering's ongoing journey to provide integrated energy services that align with the evolving energy needs of their customers. With a fresh and modern design, the website offers enhanced functionality and intuitive navigation, enabling visitors to explore the company's diverse range of services seamlessly.

As sustainability and resiliency become increasingly vital in the construction and engineering sectors, Eco Engineering has proactively adapted its services to integrate renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. By offering comprehensive sustainable energy systems, including solar power, electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, and energy storage solutions, the company aims to help clients reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their environmental goals.

Additionally, Eco Engineering recognizes the growing importance of resiliency in the face of various disruptions, such as natural disasters and grid failures. They now provide resilient infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to maintain their operations and mitigate potential risks, ensuring continuity even during challenging circumstances.

The launch of the new website and the continued growth of their services represent the next phase for Eco Engineering and are just a few of the reasons Eco Engineering was selected as one of the “Fast 55.” The Cincinnati Business Courier selected Eco Engineering as 15th on the list of the “Fast 55” – a list that includes 55 of fastest growing companies in Greater Cincinnati.

To check out the new website, explore career opportunities and learn more about Eco Engineering's services, please visit


Benedict College Commits to Campus Modernization for a Project with Siemens

Benedict College, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) serving students since 1870, has reinforced the college’s continued commitment to students and the community via campus improvements to support higher education opportunities. The initiative commenced with construction in spring 2023 and is part of a larger initiative to transform Benedict’s campus.

With the support of Siemens, a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare, and MD Energy Advisors, a commercial, utility, and financing energy solutions company, the college’s plans have become a reality. The three organizations initiated a collaborative effort in December 2021 to outline a path forward to reinforce Benedict’s commitment to providing transformative learning experiences characterized by high quality academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular programming, intentionally designed to develop superior cultural and professional competencies for a diverse student body.

In just a few months, the plan that has been carefully developed to maximize alignment and incorporation of best practices will transition into on-campus implementation. This will support the college’s vision to be a leader in providing transformative learning experiences for a diverse student body. The modernization program includes the development of comprehensive infrastructure improvements campus-wide including, but not limited to:

  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Enhancing comfort with a focus on the dormitories
  • Supporting energy efficient and sustainable operations
  • Reducing ongoing energy, operations, and maintenance costs


SitelogIQ’s Tree Planting Event Helps Restore San Francisquito Canyon

SitelogIQ’s (SIQ) Commercial and Industrial team recently hosted their second annual tree planting event to help restore the San Francisquito Canyon of the Angeles National Forest, in partnership with One Tree Planted and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Over 20 SIQ employees volunteered to restore the fire-scarred land and spent the day caring for the native chaparral plants, including weed clearing, planting natives, and providing general conservation care. In addition, staff from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation staff, shared the history of the location and fire ecology.

“At SitelogIQ, we are passionate about supporting our clients’ commitments to making rapid ESG impact by creating more efficient and healthier buildings,” said Clark Longhurst, SIQ President, C&I Division. “Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, our team donates 1 tree for every kilowatt (kW) of energy we save through our work. Leading the charge and helping our communities make sustainability strides is at the core of what we do, and we could not be more proud.”

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focused on global restoration and providing individuals, businesses, and organizations the ability to easily support tree planting initiatives worldwide. SIQ first began supporting One Tree Planted in 2021 and held their first annual tree planting event in 2022. SIQ believes in making communities better by partnering with customers and organizations to make meaningful improvements to our planet.


Aliquippa School District Invests in Energy Efficiency with the help of TEN to Enhance Learning Environment for Students, Staff

The Efficiency Network (TEN), a subsidiary of Duquesne Light Holdings (DLH), recently completed a series of projects for the Aliquippa School District in Beaver County that will provide a more sustainable learning environment for its students and staff. The district, which serves nearly 940 students in grades pre-K through 12, underwent several energy efficiency enhancements at its elementary and high schools, including Low-E energy-efficient windows; masonry repairs; refurbishment of the HVAC systems; and LED lighting upgrades.

These improvements will result in annual savings of nearly 164,000 kilowatt-hours and total cost savings of approximately $24,000. In addition, the upgrades will also reduce the district’s carbon footprint by 116 metric tonnes, equivalent to growing more than 1,900 tree seedlings for 10 years.

Last month, Geanopulos and Joe Statler, director of construction at TEN, presented the district with an Excellence in Energy award for their commitment to upgrading their facilities.

In 2022, TEN completed a similar project at Allegheny Traditional Academy in Pittsburgh’s North Side community. Those modernizations, which included new solar panels, retrofitted HVAC systems and LED lighting upgrades, resulted in a 31% reduction in the school’s annual kilowatt-hour usage for total annual energy cost savings of nearly $74,000. The project also reduced the school’s carbon footprint by 134 metric tonnes, equivalent to planting more than 2,000 trees.

TEN is also partnering with its sister organization Duquesne Light Company to replace nearly 60,000 streetlights across Allegheny and Beaver counties with smart LEDs over the next four to five years, as well as working with local municipalities to enhance safety and environmental awareness.


Preferred Partners Products and Services

Philips Emergency Inverter (PTB15D) for LED Tubes

The Philips PTB15D is an emergency inverter designed to be used with the Philips MainsFit ULType-B lamps to help create an emergency lighting system. The slim form factor allows for simplified installation and greater flexibility, available with and without a conduit. Unlike battery backup emergency LED tubes available in the market, this emergency inverter is UL924 listed so end users can be assured that this product meets building codes and should not be concerned with insurance and liability issues. In addition, 2026 NEC will prohibit the use of these emergency battery backup lamps since they are not permanently installed.


Public agencies can receive no-to-low cost heat pump water heaters through SoCalREN!

The Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) will cover up to 100% of eligible project costs for heat pump water heater installations at underserved public agency facilities. Up to 80% of eligible project costs will be covered at other sites. This opportunity is available for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis at facilities served by Southern California Edison.

Not sure if your facility is eligible? Find out at

What are the eligibility requirements?

Public agencies must meet all eligibility requirements:

  • Project sites must be owned by public agencies.
  • Public agencies must be enrolled in SoCalREN and serviced by Southern California Edison.
  • Facility’s current water heater must exclusively use methane gas (natural gas) as its fuel source.
  • Existing water heater must hold between 30 - 100 gallons.
  • Existing water heaters should have an efficiency rating of 0.81 or lower.

What costs are covered?

Heat pump water heater equipment, contractor labor, capping existing gas line with a brass plug, demolishing existing vent, installing water heater electrical hookup, running electrical wire, and electrical panel upgrades* can all be covered.

*SoCalREN can potentially fund an electrical panel upgrade depending on the scale and financial feasibility of the project.

Learn more about SoCalREN Public Agency Programs here. Then, reach out to to enroll public agencies and take advantage of this offering!


Solarus Smart Energy Solutions Provides Efficient Hybrid Energy Solution. 100% Renewable Hot Water and Electricity Solution From your Roof

Solarus, a pioneer in solar thermal technology in the US, offers a unique patented technology for businesses with a high consumption of hot water and electricity. With rising costs of energy and gas, Solarus presents businesses with a solution that will not only reinforce the positive social image created through sustainability, but also significantly reduce energy costs.

The Solarus hybrid solar solutions provide the best of two prevailing technologies - photovoltaic and thermal. The unique design collects electricity and heat energy from the same installation within the same footprint. By capturing heat, energy typically lost in traditional PVs is harnessed to allow maximum energy output. Whether hospitality or healthcare, manufacturing or food & beverage, Solarus provides an affordable, efficient energy and hot water solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. When put side by side with a standard PV panel, the solution is four times more efficient, capturing 89% of the sun's energy; 70% in heat and 19% converted into electricity. In contrast, traditional solar panels only collect 20% of the energy which is converted into electricity.

Solarus and their engineering team is able to use this technology to create a unique solution for each customer meeting their specific energy needs. Each project is designed to easily integrate with the facilities’ existing hot water and electrical systems. Solarus utilizes proprietary modeling that can closely estimate how much hot water and energy will be generated at the installation location to ensure the goals of the system’s production are met. Incorporating heat pumps, seasonal storage and other features make for an ideal integration with existing systems. This solution typically lowers gas and electric costs from 40% and up, making businesses 4 times more profitable. Unlike traditional PV solutions, Solarus is able to provide a 100% renewable hot water and electricity solution utilizing the sun’s energy.

If you operate or manage a facility that utilizes large volumes of HOT WATER and would like to DRAMATICALLY reduce utility costs, then this is the PERFECT solution for your problem. To get more information on this unique patented technology visit