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Meet NGS CEO James Beale: Topping the Retrofit Charts with Innovative Window Film


When James Beale moved to Atlanta as the bassist of the 2000s band State of Man, he dreamed of cracking the Billboard Top Ten. The economic crash of 2008 changed Beale’s tune, and he turned to a new more sustainable industry: installing energy-efficient window film on commercial and government buildings. Fast forward 15 years, and Beale’s brainchild NGS tops the charts in delivering sustainable, carbon-reducing window film.

“With basically a $10,000 loan from my brother, we started the company, just he and I. We bootstrapped it for years, and here we are in 2023 with 132 employees and we’re going to do between $51 and $55 million in revenue this year,” said Beale, Founder and CEO of NGS.

He adds what makes NGS unique is its data-driven approach; NGS uses sophisticated laser meters to test windows to determine how much they can be improved and what type of window coating would be most effective for addressing the client’s needs. Taking these detailed measurements is time-consuming, but according to Beale, where other companies see a challenge, NGS sees an opportunity to match clients with the most beneficial window film for their building.

This year, NGS has 7,000 projects slated, following its largest: remodeling the windows on the Delta concourses of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. NGS used 3M Prestige 40 Exterior spectrally select film on the airport’s dual pane tinted glass. The metal-free product’s zero-reflectivity enables pilots to navigate more safely as well as minimizes visible light reduction while eliminating ultraviolet and infrared rays. The new windows reduce heat gain by 43%, glare reduction by 53% and carbon emissions by an estimated 226 tons annually.

At the same time, the General Services Administration (GSA) is evaluating a joint application by 3M and NGS for 3M non-metalized solar control window film, which reduces heat by 60%, reduces glare, doesn’t corrode and can be installed on a window’s exterior to minimize office disruption. The new window film is being considered by the GSA’s Green Proving Ground Program, which tests sustainability technologies that align with carbon neutrality. If approved after a year-long evaluation, the new window film will make a selective list for application in government buildings to receive funding through the Inflation Reduction Act.

Whether the mission is solar, security or a combination thereof, NGS is poised to make the most of federal funding and incentives to provide sustainable, energy-efficient upgrades to commercial and government buildings. As a recent new member of NAESCO, NGS is thrilled to share the learnings from its chart-topping success with fellow members and ESCOs.