The Pursuit of U.S. Energy Independence: Likely Winners and Losers in the Political Fights over the Environmental Impact of Fracking in the Production of Shale Oil and Transporting Oil from Canadian Tar Sands
Paul Astolfi, Partner, Global Projects and Energy Groups, Mayer, Brown

How an Evolving Utility Industry May Change the Current Market for Energy Efficiency

The Political Fight to Eliminate the RPS and EEPS is Spreading Nationwide and Finding Success in Over 25 States

  • Howard Learner, President & Executive Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center
  • Rebecca Stanfield, Senior Energy Advocate, Natural Resources Defense Council

Charting a Course for a Bipartisan National Energy Policy
Joe Kruger, Director for Energy & Environment, Bipartisan Policy Center

Congressional and Federal Regulatory Update
Stefan Bailey, Director, Prime Policy Group

Energy Efficiency Initiatives in the Midwest: States Look to ESPCs in a Time of Severe Budget Constraints

  • Stacey Paradis, Deputy Director, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Steven Lindemann, Attorney, Leonard Street & Deinard
  • Sue Gander, Director, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, National Governors Association Center for Best Practices
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