Member Benefits - Promoting Industry Best Practices

NAESCO works with the states, the federal government, end-user organizations, and other non-profit organizations to develop and encourage the adoption of standards based on best practices.

NAESCO Accreditation Program

With its accreditation program, NAESCO sets the standard for excellence in the delivery of energy efficiency projects. NAESCO accreditation is seen as a differentiator in public sector evaluation and selection criteria. We continue to educate existing and prospective customers about the significance of achieving NAESCO accreditation.

The NAESCO Accreditation Program covers three types of companies:

  • Energy Service Providers (ESCOs which also provide or arrange supply options)
  • Energy Service Companies (Companies offering multiple services and technologies)
  • Energy Efficiency Contractors (Companies offering a single service or technology)

Setting Industry Standards Through Education

One of the main challenges facing NAESCO members is attracting and retaining the highly educated and skilled personnel to deliver energy efficiency projects. To respond to this need, NAESCO has developed a variety of workshops, seminars and conferences to help keep members' employees current on the latest technologies and industry developments.

NAESCO also develops webinars and self-paced tutorials focused on educating state energy office staff, facility managers, and a broad range of end-users on a variety of energy efficiency topics.

Development of M&V Standards

NAESCO was instrumental in developing the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and in making it the standard for energy services projects, facilitating the rapid growth of the industry by making the large-scale market for third-party project financing feasible. NAESCO continues to work to adapt and supplement the IPMVP to the changing requirements of today's energy services industry, which include, in addition to energy savings, the monitoring and verification of operational savings, environmental emissions reductions, and electricity demands reduction.

EnergyStarENERGY STARĀ® Partner

NAESCO is a proud partner of ENERGY STAR. We promote the use of ENERGY STAR tools and the value of earning the ENERGY STAR rating for commercial buildings.

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